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Self Esteem Hypnosis

"How To Put Someone Under Your
Spell Without Them Even
Knowing It"

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self esteem hypnosis woman image       Low self esteem plagues millions of people daily, preventing them from living a happy and fulfilled life. Self esteem hypnosis teaches us that the reason for low self esteem begins early in life, usually in childhood. The little negative things that we are told about ourselves, on a daily basis, or not, seem to 'stick' with us. Maybe you were told that you were a fat kid, or that you were not good at athletics, or your brother was the smart child or that boys do not cry. All of these things begin chipping away at our self esteem, early in our life.

Then as time goes on we go to school. We all known how 'mean' kids can be to each other. If you were heavy then it was probably reinforced when the kids called you fat or if you struggled at kick ball and the kids laughed at you, it just kept the chipping cycle going. Low self esteem hypnosis teaches that there is a place in the brain that we store these negative feelings and thoughts about ourselves and thus have little (if any) confidence in life. As we age, the negative comments keep coming and we continue to build on our storage of negativity.

self esteem hypnosis sad man graphicNow you have finished school and you are in the work place. And as we know, although it is more subtle, people can be just as mean as when we started school. We keep taking the negative hits. But somewhere, hopefully, we decide that we need help.

This is when self esteem hypnosis can turn our lives around. As stated above, hypnosis has shown us that these negative thoughts are stored in our brain. The specific area of the brain that we find the storage bins is called the subconscious. If you try to change your thinking on your own, using only your conscious brain, it is almost impossible.

We can reach this part of our brain through hypnosis...

For low self esteem issues the use of self esteem hypnosis is used. When accessed, therapists can help us strip the negative thoughts and feelings that we carry about ourselves and replace them with positive, good feelings and  thoughts. I almost always recommend the Self Esteem Booster here to clients that can not make it into my office for a one-on-one consultation because of it's remarkable effectiveness. These new, positive thoughts and feelings become just as permanent and strong as the old negative ones were. In this way, our subconscious mind supports our conscious mind and we begin to see the good in ourselves instead of the bad. We become who we were when we were born.

If you have low self esteem, hypnosis can fix that. People often avoid hypnosis because of their twisted perception of it. They either think itís some form of dark magic where your soul is sold to the devil, or they believe itís only a part of the stage magicianís show thus unrealistic and doomed to failure. However, hypnosis has been shown to be useful for more than self esteem.

Here are some reasons why you shouldnít avoid it:

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy has been used in self-improvement therapies. It has been used for anger management, stress management, relaxation therapies, weight management or eating disorders, and smoking cessation. Google it if youíd like, and see how much use hypnosis has been for these. If these complications can be treated with hypnosis, self esteem shouldnít be a problem.
Depression Treatment
A low self esteem is a breeding ground for depression. Allow your self-pity and self-blame to consume you and you will sink into depression. Hypnotherapy has been used to treat depression, and has garnered much success with it. The same as above; if hypnosis can treat depression, then how easy would it be to boost your self esteem?
Working on a Subconscious Level
When you have low self esteem, you tend to exude an aura of negativity. You focus too much on it and ignore the positive side of things, not because you want to, but because thatís what you feel. With hypnosis, the subconscious is reprogrammed. The altered subconscious results to an altered thought process and behavior. You begin to see the world in a different light.
If you have low self esteem, hypnosis isnít the only treatment you should seek. While hypnotherapy is more than an alternative approach, it may not work without other variables. For instance, youíll need support from jolly folks, separate yourself from sulky friends, and start feeling the affection that your family has been trying to give you for years. Low self esteem isnít a serious issue, but has the potential to be one. Depression is a major player in suicides. Donít wait until then.

"How To Put Someone Under Your
Spell Without Them Even
Knowing It"

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