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Dear Friend:

Welcome to Conversational Hypnosis dot net,

My name is Thomas Rhittenhouse and I've been fascinated by hypnosis now for over 20 years. Within those years, I've received an enormous amount of knowledge about hypnosis. As a hypnosis enthusiast, it's my mission to make sure that every individual that is interested in conversational hypnosis is properly informed about the topic of controlling others using the most effective and correct methods, so I'd like to share what I know with you, free of charge.

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conversational hypnosis checkmark minicourse REVEALED: What is conversational hypnosis?

conversational hypnosis checkmark minicourse The 3 steps you must take in order to effectively perform conversational hypnosis

conversational hypnosis checkmark minicourse One of the most fundemental skills you must learn in order to control others

conversational hypnosis checkmark minicourse Building Rapport - how to get people to instantly like you

conversational hypnosis checkmark minicourse REVEALED: Conversational hypnosis myths!

conversational hypnosis checkmark minicourse How to instantly appear to be an AUTHORITY figure to anyone so people will actually listen to you.

conversational hypnosis checkmark minicourse How to formulate hypnotic principals

conversational hypnosis checkmark minicourse MIND POWER - how to put together the entire process of covert hypnosis

conversational hypnosis checkmark minicourse Throwing people into confusion & the power of suggestion

conversational hypnosis checkmark minicourse Much, much more!

"Yes, Thomas! I Want To Learn The Secrets
Of Controlling Others And Make Them Do
What I Want With Conversational

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Thanks a lot for the ebook and also thanks for sending me the links and steps of conversational hypnosis. I want to learn all I can. Thanks a lot, I have opened my mind to the exciting world of hypnosis. Thank for sending me the info and links, I am grateful because you're sharing this knowledge to other people who are very interested like myself in learning conversational hypnosis.


10x a lot Thomas...I hope you DO read u'r e-mails in person. I really want to thank you because I belive this book will change my life for good, and honestly, I desperately need this change :D best wishes,


i love your emails, thanks for these emails, they ARE teaching me something can't wait to see more


Hi Thomas I was looking for revision stuff. I am well acquainted with Ericsonian Hypnosis from my NLP studies of some 15 years ago. I am recovering from a cerebral hemorrhage. I am using mini-course stuff (free) as revision tasks for rehab - especially memory.



Hi Thomas,

I simply interest in hypnosis because I've been having great difficulty during job interviews for the past few years.

I attribute this to prejudice against people who don't seem to have been very active. This makes me angry because I feel like I'm being looked down upon when, in fact, a big whole in my CV can be attributed to a very nasty event that caused me to drop out of university-level studies. The simple question of why I dropped out was enough to make me go silent. Job interviews are still a difficult process because the psychologists carrying them out make a rush of the task. Also, I'm not a 100% when it comes to feeling and emotions which means that it's difficult getting into that quasi-hypnotic state that allows synchronicity. I am working on this last problem with a therapist that is using a combination of light hypnosis and EFT/TAT techniques. This should get the left and right hemispheres to work together properly. I've also heard that kinesiology produces promising results.

So, what hypnosis or NLP could offer is a way to (re)learn a way to instill confidence in the people I meet. It would be useful in all walks of life, not just in terms of carreer.


-Jim P.

Why I signed up is, i don't know what to say to people when I talk. How to make the conversation going and showing some value. I allso have alot of axiety when I speak with someone so Im never relaxed. That's why I never go outside anymore to meet new people tnx for all your help


Dear Thomas,
Knowledge. Pure and simple. That's the simple answer to your question as to what I was seeking when I found conversational hypnosis. I am a student of the mind, that is my life has lately been devoted to understanding the nature of our minds and how we humans relate to our reality through our experience of consciousness. Furthermore, what is the nature of our consciousness in relation to each other? How many ways do we humans see and interact with each other? Hypnosis is just one more way of accessing the different layers of consciousness to me, and so far the power of conversational hypnosis has presented a wealth of tools and knowledge that I hope will enrich my interactions with others on different levels of consciousness.
There is more. My desire is to be a practicing hypnotherapist in the immediate future, and as such I will need this education to advance my practice to new levels beyond my peers. I plan to use the hypnotherapy practice to launch into life coaching and conversational hypnosis could be effective there as well.

Finally, there is the social aspect of meeting and interacting with women. I would never abuse such power, but let us not deny that any advantage on the playing field in the game of love and dating should be used to full advantage, n'est-ce pas?
This is a brief explanation of why I sought out conversational hypnosis.
Yours Truly,
-A Future Phenom (Anonymous)

The exact thing was that i am looking for a couple of phrases that would cause a person to change their minds and phrases for people to buy your product almost instantly. I need these extremly powerful phrases because I work at a flea market and I have about 30 seconds to convence them to buy the product.
Thank you for taking the time to read my email out of hundreds

As for your question. I was looking for a way to better interact with my students, I was looking for a way to get them more interested in my classes. I am university teacher in China and  keeping students attention is difficult at the best of times:)
Best Regards,


Hi Thomas,

I found exactly what I was looking for in the information you sent me. The example of sales copy, news script and political messages with the suggestive key words emphasized through each sentence hit the nail on the head.

Your advice about being vigilant whenever exposed to the mass media, general advertising and political messages is just the armour I (and everyone) need.

Bye for now,


Well I just wanted to improve my conversational skills and use it as another tool to help me in my professional it really helps your social skills and I heard that there some tricks you can do using conversational hypnosis so I thought that'd be cool, something that derren brown does.. that really impressed me..


I was looking for hypnosis study and I found my answers in your messages. I really appreciate u guys..its so valuable..I also want to learn about scientology..and psycholgy..hope from u to reply me back..its so interesting.. cannot wait to learn it..and become a ametuer or an expert by getting a certificate from any


Learn Everything You Need To Know About Controlling
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"Yes, Thomas! I Want To Learn The Secrets
Of Controlling Others And Make Them Do
What I Want With Conversational

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Thomas Rhittenhouse

It is my goal to provide you with the QUALITY conversational hypnosis information you're looking for.

In addition to all the quality content that's here for you at, you'll also sometimes find products or services along the way that I recommend. These have been tried and tested amongst some of the most respected authority figures in hypnosis and has helped many folks over the years.

So what exactly IS hypnosis, anyway?
(Just skip this part if you already know - or sign up for the free mini-course for the juicy stuff)

Well, the actual definition of hypnosis is "to bypass the critical factor and establishment of acceptable selective thinking". We will talk about conversational hypnosis in just a minute.

Let me clear up that definition for you first, okay?

The "critical factor" section of the mind is the part of the conscious mind that "protects" the subconscious mind from accepting "suggestions" that are completely crazy!

For example, if I told you you're a multi-trillionare, the "critical factor" part of your brain would analyze this information & compare it to your current beliefs and memories. Based off your current beliefs and memories, your subconscious would then "reject" this statement I have told you.

“Conversational hypnosis is a great tool to
break this barrier the subconscious mind has set up.”

In a hypnotic trance, we actually BYPASS the "critical factor" of the mind. Ah-HAH!

The suggestion(s) the hypnotist tells you will then pass through entirely and DIRECTLY to the subconscious mind. Now, since there is no disbelief by the "critical factor", it becomes a new, acceptable idea/belief. You would then start to feel and act like a multi-trillionare. You would truly think you are one. Conversational hypnosis, as well as hypnosis in general, applies this basic idea.

Keep reading below and you'll see I've outlined the actual STEPS necessary in order to use conversational hypnosis effectively. If you would like detailed information about using these powerful techniques I recommend playing the video on this page.

Back to our "critical factor" talk...

Now, simply just bypassing this "critical factor" isn't quite enough.

With good conversational hypnosis, you also have to be lead into a narrowed focus of attention. That's the "...establishment of acceptable selective thinking" part of the definition of hypnosis stated earlier.

Why "acceptable"?

Because it's not possible to completely violate the
core values of a person with conversational hypnosis!

That easily means that if someone were to hypnotize you and suggest that you go kill someone and if killing people violates your core value, then you'll naturally ignore the suggestion or most likely "snap out" of hypnotic state.

So conversational hypnosis is effective -just don't use it for
ridiculous ideas that seem way out of the reach of reality!

Traditional conversational hypnosis inductions need concordance by the subject, controlled environment, acceptance in the hypnotist and conscious approach on the part of the subject (some hypnotic inductions don't make obligatory the last part). In a classical hypnotherapy session a hypnotist guides the subject in a relaxed hypnotic state and then suggests new behaviors and so on.

“Okay, so then what's up with the
part of conversational hypnosis?”

Conversational hypnosis is also narrowing of one's focus
and bypassing the critical factor...BUT it's done with the
subject's eyes wide open and completely conscious!

Also, in conversational hypnosis the suggestions are implemented without his or her actual knowledge of the hypnosis. Basically, using conversational hypnosis is creating change in a person in a completely unconscious way!

This can be accomplished by many different linguistic and nonverbal techniques. Conversational hypnosis also requires many steps to be effectively implemented. Note that not all the following measures are necessary each and every time and that many measures can be established sometimes instantly!

You may be wondering at this point,

“Okay already!
So are you going to actually tell me
steps for  performing conversational hypnosis?”

Here Are The Steps Necessary To
Successful Conversational Hypnosis
(Be sure to sign up for the free mini-course below for the real juicy stuff)

1.) Get the subject's attention & maintain it.

This is obviously required since you'll need their
attention in order to guide them in an acceptable
and open state of mind to perform conversational
hypnosis on them shortly.

2.) You need to establish rapport with the subject.

Rapport is basically defined as "increased unconscious
responsiveness." In essence, it's that feeling of connection
you sometimes have when you're having a great
conversation with someone you're getting along with.

Having good rapport with the subject before applying
hypnotic suggestions is an important part of effective
conversational hypnosis.

3.) Next, you need to induce trance.

This is the step  where you apply "specific language"
to get the subject in an acceptable mind set that is
similar to a hypnotic trance, but with his/her eyes
open and with full consciousness.

Keep in mind that we as humans sometimes go into
these "hypnotic states" automatically in every-day life!
For example, when an authority figure (expert) talks
to us (teaches) about a new subject would be a level
of conversational hypnosis we'd be experiencing simply
because we wouldn't be critically questioning this

By nature, people do not question things
critically. They usually just support new facts &
information as the truth!

Another example would be when watching the news
on television! Most humans do not watch the news very

They generally support what is said as true
without critically questioning it much. Is this whole
"conversational hypnosis thing" making sense?

4.) You need to now present your suggestions to your subject.

This is where you start actually feeding, or
"programming", the subconscious mind of your
subject with suggestions that you, as the hypnotist,
would like to "stay" in their subconscious mind
to be taken as truth.

Several methods of conversational
hypnosis are developed to present suggestions
in such a way that they're not analyzed (or even
noticed for that matter) by the conscious mind.
Ideally, you don't always really have to "induce
a trance" in a person, although it certainly helps.

For more detailed information, sign up for my free Mini-Course below...

Now, in case you're wondering how long it takes to go through the steps I have just mentioned, it usually depends on the ability of not only the hypnotist, but also of the subject being hypnotized. At times it can be as little as a few seconds!

Sometimes a few carefully selected words backed up with just the right kind of tonality & body language can induce an effective hypnotic suggestion into someone! Hypnosis is quite pure and simple as soon as you realize the structure and philosophy of hypnosis, including conversational hypnosis.

The aforementioned steps will provide a launching pad for you into the exciting world of conversational hypnosis. The steps laid out are more of a very general, skimmed-down version of "WHAT TO DO".

Now, if you would like more information about the "HOW TO DO" part of these conversational hypnosis steps, I recommend you Sign Up Below for the free Conversational Hypnosis Mini-Course I offer below.

I recommend the free mini-course below to colleagues of mine that want to take their hypnosis to "the next level" and go directly for the covert method of controlling subjects at will with ease because of it's unparalleled power and ease of use to control others.

Learn Everything You Need To Know About Controlling
Others With Conversational Hypnosis!

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"Yes, Thomas! I Want To Learn The Secrets
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What I Want With Conversational

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Thomas Rhittenhouse


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