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Quit Smoking By Hypnosis

"How To Put Someone Under Your
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quit smoking by hypnosis imageIf you have ever been a smoker, then you know how hard it is to quit. Even with all the stop smoking products out there, it is still a big personal struggle to quit the smoking habit.

It is less of a struggle when you quit smoking by hypnosis.

Hypnosis has been used to help smokers kick the habit for several years and in most cases it is effective. The use of hypnosis or self-hypnosis is a safe way to quit smoking that does not involve the use of any other products. 

For most people that have used hypnosis to quit smoking, this method has been an effective stand-alone method. Today, the Internet offers ways to download MP3s. There are MP3s that you can download to help you quit smoking by hypnosis.

The use of information products in many venues has become a huge industry. These information products have much to offer and are cost effective to the consumer. Because of this industry and technology, you can quit smoking by hypnosis from the comfort of your own home. 

You do not have to pay a hypnotist or a psychiatrist to help you quit smoking when you can download effective MP3s that offer you the same techniques used by the professionals.

When you use MP3s to help you guide you to kicking the smoking habit you are saving yourself time and money. You save time through not driving to a hypnotist's appointment and you save money by buying an MP3 information product that can help you quit smoking.

There are steps to quitting smoking using information products, so many of these MP3s come in sets that guide you over a period of time to stop smoking. Some of them help within a couple of weeks, while others can take up to a month. 

The truth of the matter is that the time it takes to quit smoking by hypnosis is primarily determined by the desire of the person trying to quit. 

Since these MP3s are readily available to you for download, there is no reason to have to wait. If you are looking for a safe, effective and money saving way to stop smoking, then hypnosis via downloadable informational MP3s is the way to go. I recommend this 10 Steps To Become A Nonsmoker program to most of the clients I work with long distance that want to kick the habit for good without the pain & anguish.

First off, allow me to define what hypnosis is...

Hypnosis is a state of heightened concentration or fixation to a specific object or idea to a point that you become oblivious to everything else. While people see hypnosis as something of mystical nature, it is actually something we go through more times than we realize. For instance, when you go for a drive and miss a turn because something was on your mind, you already underwent a short-lived hypnosis. When you were reading a really good book and didn't realize that your mother was calling you to wash the dishes, you were already hypnotized by the story in the book. So this brings us back to the question: how can one quit smoking by hypnosis?

The trick of hypnosis lies in the fact that it leaves you more open to the power of suggestion. There's an ongoing debate as to how hypnosis really works. Some say that hypnosis brings forward the subconscious, which, unlike the conscious mind, has no innate ability to resist whatever is asked of it. Others say that the effectiveness of hypnosis is with the intense focus you have for your goals, which in this case is smoking cessation.

Let's take both scenarios into consideration, starting with the "subconscious" theory. In a nutshell, the subconscious can be associated with, if not itself is, our innermost feelings. During hypnosis, the subconscious is altered through the use of affirmations. The patient will then "wake up" harboring strong feelings against cigarettes, leading to the strong desires to quit smoking. As for the second theory, the patient merely focuses intensely on the thought of quitting smoking and snaps out of the trance intent on quitting smoking.

You can either get a hypnotherapist or do self-hypnosis. Either method start out the same. The body will be relaxed first, and then the mind is trained to seek independence from nicotine - all the while using affirmations. You may conduct a self-hypnosis session during your withdrawal stages so as for you to not give in to the urge to smoke.

Either way you look at it, hypnosis rearranges your thoughts and attitudes towards your smoking addiction and helps you turn away from it. There is only one thing that will cause hypnosis to fail. If you are not willing to change for the better, if you are not willing to stop smoking, if you enjoy smoking too much and aren't willing to let go of it, hypnosis will not work for you. Hypnotherapy can help pull you out of the pool of bad habits, but if you purposely put on a dead weight, it will not do anything for you. To quit smoking by hypnosis, you have to really want it.

"How To Put Someone Under Your
Spell Without Them Even
Knowing It"

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